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lesson eight: deflect downward, parry and punch

From “brush knee” shift all of the weight back, remembering to maintain knee alignment. Turn the left foot out 45 degrees, and bring your hands down on either side of your left thigh. As you shift all of your weight into the left leg make a fist with the right hand and leave the left hand open. As you shift all of the weight forward, cock your arms into a circle with the right fist looking into the left palm, and step 90 degrees to the right as you bring the right elbow up as in an elbow strike. Keep your leg pointing prop-erly. Bring the right hand over like you’re striking with a back fist as you step the left foot forward with width. As the right hand comes to rest at the hip, the left hand chops down at the height of the forehead. From this stance, punch under the left hand so that you can see the fist through the space between the thumb and index finger, referred to as the tiger’s mouth.

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