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lesson 9 finish 1st section

From “punch” let your right fist go to the left corner as though someone were pulling it in that direction. Bring the left hand under the right el-bow and as you withdraw, sweep the wrist along the forearm, forming a push on the back leg. Come straight forward and push, fingers at the height of the throat.

Sit the weight back again and as you turn, pivoting on the left heel, bring the hands up in a great sweeping motion, the right hand leading the left. When you get to the back leg 100% the left foot has turned to the right to face the same direction as your body.

Shift the weight back to the left leg as you finish the circular sweep with the right hand and reverse the left, bring the hands together at the wrists and let the arms down so that you find yourself back in the beginning posture.

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Caro sensei,
Sou um praticante de Aikido e taiji estilo Wu, vinha associando minha prática de push hands com waza do taiji, fique feliz em ver esta fusão Aikitaiji.
Dagmar Costa

Aracaju - Sergipe - Brasil

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