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lesson 12: repulse the monkey

From “fist under elbow” turn your waist to the right corner and reach out with both arms.

Step your left leg back, put it down toes first, foot pointing straight forward.

As your shift your weight into the left leg, turn your left palm over and circle your right hand up to shoulder height, palm down.

Your left hand descends, palm up, down your centerline and settles near your hip. Move back from your right hand while turning your palm forward.

Your right foot pivots on the heel so that it points straight. Your feet are now shoulder width apart and pointing straight forward. This is “repulse monkey, right side”

Turn your waist out to the left while you bring your arms to a horizontal position.

Step your right leg back and put your foot down, toes first, pointing straight ahead.

Follow the same directions for the left side as you did on the right. You are now in “repulse monkey left.”

Repeat “repulse monkey” on the right side to finish the lesson.

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