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lesson 10: embrace tiger, return to mountain

After “cross hands” instead of moving to double-weightedness, keep your weight 100% in the left foot.

Bring your hands down your centerline, keeping your wrists crossed. Your left hand is on top, palm up, and your right palm faces downward.

As your hands approach your navel three things happen simultaneously: The right foot steps to the rear diagonal corner while the right hand stays down and follows the step, palm leading. The left hand circles up to shoulder height facing downward.

Start to shift your weight forward, As you reach the point where 50% of your weight is in the front foot, pivot on your back heel. Your right hand brushes past your knee and then turns over to face upward. The left palm remains palm down until you pivot, then turns up to face forward.

You now find yourself in a full 70/30 posture which is the same as “brush knee” except that the right foot is forward. The right palm faces upward instead of to the side as it does in the first “brush knee.”

Bring the right hand up as you shift your weight back into the left leg and perform “roll back.”

Finish this lesson with “press,” “push” and “single whip” as was performed in the first section except that you now face the left front diagonal corner.

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