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Ki transmission

When the masters found that their chi was powerful enough to affect the world, they were compelled to express their insights to others because chi power must interact with chi, and wisdom thus attained must (by some means) be shared.
One way that the masters of chi shared their art was by simply modeling it. Through their simple being their imposing power, grace and profound mystical states transmit the message of chi. Merely being present with a great chi artist deepens your soul. When an illuminated work of martial spirit takes form the art stands alone, separate from the master’s ego, simply exuding and communicating the light through its movement, but very few of us pop out of our small selves after such simple but profound contact. To receive such a transmission we ourselves have to be in a state of profound stillness and that’s very hard to come by. Chi radiation alters a recipient’s spirit energy but, unfortunately, seldom rises into consciousness.
A second level of chi sharing occurs when the masters intentionally extends their chi, transfusing it into a student’s energy aura, further kick- starting the chi- generating process. This type of teaching (intentional transmission or transfusion of chi) establishes a deeper relationship between the one who knows and the one who seeks to expand and enhance chi power. At this level the recipient is passive and the profundity of the contact remains mostly unconscious so the vast bulk of students need to be led more consciously to the crossroads of mind and chi.
Whereas the masters’ initial contacts influence the student’s unconscious field, another, different boost is needed to overcome the psyche’s inertia, moving it across the line into consciousness where it’s directly controlled and wielded by the student. He or she now can extend his or her own chi to further power the cycle.
This third powerful jolt that the chi masters employ (part of the oral transmission) engages the students’ intellect by eliciting in the mind certain concrete images or visualizations. The crossover from the unconscious to full consciousness, and then to the physical dimension that “others” inhabit, is facilitated when the master evokes mental imagery along with their chi.
I’d appreciate it if you could post any meditative visualizations that you’ve found useful in generating a blissful feelings from which chi can flow unimpeded.


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Day Ja Voo, Is one that I find most common.

Yantras are very useful for this. Try the sri yantra, for instance.
The chakras, Kabbalist Tree of Life or Taoist cauldrons will generate the enlightenment thought when visualised and felt within the bodily form.

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