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April 23, 2006

good and evil

The Tao of heaven and earth aren’t concerned with good and evil, but humanity constantly shifts between the infinite shades of justice that separate these two primal human powers. We abide between them all of our lives, with a choice to make every minute. All dilemmas in life require us to take a side and play it out.

All of the internal martial artists that I’ve ever known have chosen the side of the good, virtue and justice, but those who choose the good have to be ready to fight the dark side of the equation, and they have to have sufficient fire power to win because loss to the evil in human nature is unacceptable.
The first step in this struggle requires the choice of which force (dark or light) to side with. The second step calls on us to define the good and the bad, and in the next step a martial artist has to accurately determine how potentially strong and powerful the dark side is, because that’s how strong he will have to become. It’s unacceptable for a martial artist to come up short when confronted with evil, and so his training will have to focus on developing sufficient capacity to win.


How much power is necessary to offset the evil you encounter, internally and externally?

Can evil be more powerful than good?

What do I mean by power? What is ethical power? Martial power? Are they separate?

What about choices that are not black and white?

How do you decide between areas of shadow/ grey areas?

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