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The Mind, Martial Art, and Quantum Physics

I watched "What the Bleep..." the other night on tv. It proposes the startling idea that we can create the physical reality around us through our thoughts, emotions and imagination. The evidence presented came from Quantum Physics and experts in neuro science, psychology, philosophy, math and physics. Its a well-known concept in Behavioral Science that behavior arises out of thoughts and emotions. And one's behavior, of course, alters the course of the environment. But what's more mysterious is how consciousness can affect us on a molecular, cellular, and atomic level.

In the movie, they showed an example of how the emotional content of thoughts and statements changed the crystaline structure of water. The movie pointed out that our bodies are 90% water. Love creates an entirely different molecular structure than hate does.

Another intruiging idea is that each individual cell in our body has its own consciousness. Emotional states change the structure of the cell, so that it becomes more receptive over time to that particular emotion. And as the cells divide and create new cells, the new cells are now more inclined towards that emotional state, whether negative or positive.

In the atomic plane, matter exists only as possibility until our consciousness turns to it, deciding its particular identity.

So what does that mean to us as individual practitioners of martial art? We have to go back to the classical lessons that advice us to keep the mind and the chi together at the physical center of the body. The three main realms of a martial artist are his mind, his chi, and his body. Mind moves chi, and chi moves the body.

The relationship between mind and body is transmitted by way of chi. Both consciousness and matter are, essentially, energy or chi. The transmition and reception of chi can't be separated out from its physical and mental effects.

Training the mind and body through martial art practice charges the activation and accumulation of chi. Martial art practice teaches one how to extend chi out of the body, and inward to the atomic structures. As literal creators of both our inner and outer worlds, training the energy of creation (chi) takes on a much more profound meaning.

We find our best examples of how to train chi in Aikido Master Koichi Tohei's ki exercises, which are a regular part of the Aikitaiji curriculum.

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Re: your article on Chi. Having studied the Matrial Arts for over 30 years. I feel that you have capatured at least the idea behind the concept of Chi. Although Tai Chi provides great training for learning the physical not much is found in the west to provide the deeper meanings.

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