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wearing the moon on your head.

one of the important principles while doing tai chi form is called wearing the moon on your head it makes an interesting image, but what does it mean?

our usual energy is confused: our everyday busy, chaotic thought processes project energy outward aggressively like the sun (yang) overheating the mind, while at the same time, the chi at our center of energy, in the lower abdomen (the tan tien) is like the moon (yin), cool and stifled.

This is the reverse of what should be while you're practicing tai chi.

through disciplined training in the art we can reverse the energy so that we wear the head as the humble, calm, reflecting moon and emit powerfully outward from the life center (the tain tien) to affect the environment.

when you wear your head lightly like the moon, your spirit will rise. hold the sun at tan tien and powerful waves of chi blow in all directions and dimension from tan tien outward.


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