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Training the Inner Warrior.

It happens to everyone. At some point, whatever it is you normally do, the way you cope with stress, the way you deal with problems, the way you believe the world operates, no longer works.
It may be because of a major life event such as death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, health crisis, etc, or it may simply be because something in you can no longer tolerate the status quo.

This situation can be understood as devastating, or as a call to adventure.

For example, someone who suddenly loses her job, might sit at home feeling depressed, saying to herself, “I just can’t get another job, that was all I knew” or she may choose to either look for a similar job with a different company or train for a new career.

The person who enters the unknown territory of a new career field is playing the role of the hero in her own adventure story.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, describes the hero’s journey as a response to a universal human challenge. When the hero is faced with a life-changing event, he answers the challenge by entering the unfamiliar territory, facing the dangers, rallying support, accepting help from others, and eventually gaining something valuable, a precious gift (inner strength, insight, vitality, community) which he can use to not only resolve his particular problems, but also to help others on their individual hero-journeys.

How do you muster the courage to take on such a challenge? Just to set out on that journey requires a warrior’s spirit.

“The most malignant threat to your general health as well as your most vital ally resides inside you, and the dark wins by default when you don’t recruit, train and empower the inner warrior”—Aikitaiji, Jack Livingston

Training in Aikitaiji martial art calls forth the inner warrior, making you more able to deal with life challenges, interpersonal struggles, and internal conflicts.

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